Tax Management

The variables that comprise the current tax reality are mostly quite different from a few years ago. Companies are not the same, nor the environment, and what is more important: the IRS, by far, is no longer the same.

It was not only the taxpayers that were upgraded. The Brazilian tax authorities in its three levels, is improved in recent years, so the term "tax planning" should be revised.

Far from just mean motions of the taxpayer for the purpose of reducing the tax burden, the "tax planning" of today has much more to do with "fiscal management" and thus become a financial management.

In fact, the weapons used by the tax administration put in the same level: small, medium and large enterprises – those who follow the rules and those who do not care about them, those who turned professional and those who continue to live by instinct.

The cost of compliance (set of rules) is finally passed on to all taxpayers, regardless of its size, scope, management philosophy and so on.

In order to minimize and even remove this advance, the taxpayer can no longer continue his harvest business independent of a true tax management, which must occur in all areas of taxation, whether federal, state and county, and its use has been increasingly indicated by specialists.

In fact, the measure becomes essential when we consider the current Brazilian scenario dealings for years with a scorching tax burden. Such planning becomes essential.

Efficient company used to rely on investments in this sector, because the reduction in costs resulting tax management directly reflects reduction in the value of the final product or services, allowing the company better market competitiveness.

Finally, is important to remember that the legal and technical advice for this task also becomes essential.

-Litigation and Administrative Tax Liability Directed to the study and development of new theories as well as regular monitoring of administrative and judicial proceedings in all grades and levels, including the presentations of petitions and resources reasonable until the end of the process.

Corporate Law

It is mainly aimed at re-evaluation and restructuring of the company, through the analysis of the business, legal, tax and inheritance in order to enable better tax equity, asset protection, along with the advantages of performing splits, mergers, acquisitions, formation of "holding”, modification of the type of society, among others services, that minimize costs and better administrative performance of the company.

International Law

With growing elimination of economic borders and trade, this area has gained importance on the national scene. The office is entitled to provide services in this segment, especially with respect to technology transfer, commercial arbitration, registration of foreign capital, investments, remittance of profits, repatriation of capital, tax incentives, international contracts, analysis of tax issues (incentives and benefits), trade (import and export market) and corporate (new businesses, reorganizations).

Civil Law

We act in defense of client interests, both in the preventive, with opinions, consultations, guidance, negotiation and drafting of contracts, and litigation in the judicial field. Note also the compliance issues relating to civil liability, such as compensation for moral and material damage.

In the same contest for solutions, the civil area, we have developed improvement in the contractual relationship in the broadest sense of the bonds involving the contracts in general, focused to the bank specialized in hiring, in order to minimize the impact of the high financial cost – not clearly demonstrated in a greed contracts negotiated without proper analysis, aiming contract renegotiation in order to prevent the famous interest on interest practice.

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